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New online marketplace set to launch in September

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A Blackpool businessman is set to launch a new online marketplace for the resort which he hopes will be a one stop shop for visitors and businesses alike.

David Preston who is based at Blackpool Council’s business hub FYCreatives, on Church St., has created OFFiGO which will let people know what is going on and what offers are available in the area.

The company is inviting all businesses in the local community to connect with visitors and residents online in order to promote themselves and reach new customers daily.

Businesses can create a free profile on the site and post their special offers each day so they don’t have to trawl through search engines looking at individuals’ sites.

David said “Having an online presence is imperative today in order to connect with consumers. In this fast-paced modern society, simply opening the doors isn’t enough to attract the modern digital customer. The popularity of websites such as just eat, right move and show consumers want to find information collated together rather than searching individual websites”.

“Generally, people do want to shop local and support independent businesses but need a reason to do so. If daily offers and reasons to visit businesses in town are available in one place, consumers are more likely to support the opportunities promoted locally. By providing plenty of daily reasons to visit, may also encourage day trippers to stay overnight and increase the chances of them booking to come back more frequently”.

He said: “It is a monster of a site behind the scenes but I am really pleased with it.

David, who has taken advice from Blackpool Council’s business support team and attended some of their seminars says “I think it will be great for promoting Blackpool. It can’t always be about the council spending money, private businesses have to work too. “It will bring Blackpool businesses together and say what the town has to offer. “It will allow them to connect with visitors and residents online in order to promote themselves and reach new customers daily.

So whether you’re a start-up needing to get noticed or an established business fighting with the online retailers, use the opportunity OFFiGO can create and be part of the new online marketplace. The platform is here to help stimulate growth for Blackpool and the local economy collectively, benefiting local residents and visitors in the process. This isn’t just another “buy local” campaign; this is about being stronger together and changing the way businesses connect with residents and visitors.

For further details about OFFiGO and on how businesses can join the local marketplace for Blackpool visit