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Blackpool is a great place to start a business

Blackpool has long had a reputation for creating entrepreneurs – people with bright ideas who are prepared to work hard to turn them into viable businesses. Here you will find inspiration and information to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and to provide practical assistance to transform your ideas and skills into a business.

No two start-ups are the same; there are a huge variety of different businesses. Some people want to work for themselves, some want to build fast-growing enterprises. Whatever your needs you will find support, resources and practical guides here to help you achieve your ambitions.

Start your business journey by calling to make an appointment with one of experienced advisers 01253 477147


Start-Up Tool Kit

The resources on offer include:

  • what to think about before starting your business
  • experiences from those who have got started
  • how to find out about the rules and regulations which apply to your business
  • how to do some market research
  • templates to help steer you through business planning and marketing
  • links to a wide range of useful topics
  • information about finance schemes to support your start-up

Business Support

Many people benefit from talking about their plans with an experienced adviser, and attending workshops on key subjects with other people starting their businesses. There are a range of free and subsidised services available to assist business start-ups in Blackpool, including our own ‘Get Started’ service. Our guide will help you choose the right one.


There is a wide range and variety of commercial property available in the Blackpool area, places to start and places to grow. Many people starting a business are unfamiliar with the commercial property market and the vagaries of business rates. Our easy to use property search and links to business rates advice will help to simplify this process.

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