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Experience two empowering and insightful half day workshops with other growth ambitious business owners. These interactive workshops will open your minds to the possibilities and opportunities for driving the growth agenda in your business, enabling positive change and action to achieve your growth aspirations.

Our Growth Workshops will identify what you need, the route you can take and then it’s down to you. Our team of experts will help and support you execute the plan.


Unlike some funded programmes G4B will not ask you to jump through hoops to be part of the programme. We’re not going to ask you to prove you’ve grown although we would like to hear about your success at some point. We’re all responsible people and we’re here to support you not put other barriers in the way.

Our team are well connected, we collaborate on projects throughout the UK and will be there when you need us. From funding experts, to specialist legal advice to international procurement specialists to data scientists we can connect you to the people that can help. We’re not here to get you a quick buck. It’s about the long game and creating a plan for sustainable growth which manages profitability and net worth in your business.

We won’t hold you back, in fact, we’re going to push you forward. There are no limits when working with G4B. Breaking down barriers to growth is what we do. Our team have experienced growth and the challenges that come with it. Be prepared to step up, gain confidence and commit to growth… but with the support you need.