How to run your family business in the most tax efficient way - Delivered by Moore & Smalley

Family businesses are unique; they require a strategy that differs from other firms and they have inimitable strengths, as well as problems that require a specific approach.

There’s often additional emotional stress on family businesses, particularly with regard to pay and benefits, communication, managing conflict and inheritance issues. However, family businesses offer a number of benefits that are hard to cultivate in other companies, such as greater trust between the team and a stronger commitment to the success of the business.

At their seminar they will focus on the tax aspects of running a family business and cover:

– Bringing in the next generation

– Rewarding family members in the most tax efficient way

– Tax traps to watch out for

– The tax aspects of planning for retirement

They will finish with some tax dos and don’ts to take back to share with your family.

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