Peerworking’  Business Support Surgery - Free event delivered by The Business Clinic

'Sharing the expertise, knowledge, ideas and experience of people across a range of businesses in a friendly, informal and confidential setting’

Why not experience the power of ‘Peerworking’ for yourself?

Very often described as ‘unique, different, powerful’ and ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’

Every participant has something to contribute, something to learn and something to take away from each ‘Peerworking’ surgery. Our collaborative approach allows for the honing of strengths and increases productivity due to the space given for that well-worn, but true cliché, ‘time to work ON your business and not just IN it!’

Working with others in this way delivers enhanced business development, healthier profits, growth and increased communication skills, both business and interpersonal. ‘Peerworking’ facilitates the building of strong professional relationships, develops trust, engenders honesty and helps you to become better connected so expanding your sphere of influence.

Surgeries are facilitated confidential “peerworking” sessions and it’s your opportunity to discuss opportunities and challenges bespoke to you and your business.

You will innovate with other business owners who will give you impartial support and advice. Their only interest is to support you.

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