#MicroBizMatters Day

The Day’s Itinerary - The Live Event via YouTube and Social Media Live Streaming.

07.00-07.45 LET’S ROCK – Tony and Tina kick off the day with a number of guests.

07.45-08.30 DIGITAL KNOW-HOW – learning about apps, systems and solutions that make life in micro business better.

08.30-09.15 STRONG MINDS, STRONG BUSINESS – looking at the impact the wellbeing of the micro business and its owner has on each other with hints, tips and advice around how to keep going when you really feel like you can’t.

09.15-10.00 FAMILY BUSINESS – celebrating family businesses, discussing the barriers and hurdles families face running a business together.

10.00-10.15 LIVE FROM LONDON – our special guest, Microbiz Tsar Charlie Mullins linking-up live from London.

10.15-11.00 FREELANCE HEROES – looking at the ever growing world of freelancers, sharing success stories, challenges and opportunities.

11.00-11.45 MAKERS, CREATORS & MANUFACTURERS – hearing from micro businesses who are making, creating and manufacturing in the UK.

11.45-12.30 NETWORK OF NETWORKS – Q&A session from heads of formal & informal networking organisations on why being part of a membership body or group could be beneficial.

12.30-13.15 LADIES OVER LUNCH – Celebrating all that is good about women who run micro businesses.

13.15-14.15 #MICROBIZMATTERS – A panel of guests who have been there and done it when it comes to running micro businesses will take questions from the audience and across social media

14.15-15.00 ENTERTAINMENT HOUR – Micro business owners who know how to entertain.

15.00-17.00 AFTER PARTY – Every great gig needs an after party!

What is #MicroBizMatters Day?

#MicroBizMatters Day is the only annual day of recognition, action and learning for micro business owners anywhere, those that employ 0 to 9 or turnover up to £2 million annually. Being part of this rocking day is only a click away! Decide how you will be part of the #MicroBizMatters Day phenomenon then start spreading the word.

Attend the Live Event

Find out what’s happening on the day and get yourself a ticket to attend the live event!

Watch the Learning Hours online

YouTube and social media live streaming links will be shared on and @microbizmatters social media networks on Friday 12 January 2018

Share info across your networks

Both on- and off-line. Even 1 retweet spreads the word that #microbizmatters!

Organise a #MicroBizMatters Day party!

Whether you’re a freelance, micro business, small business or large corporate organisation that cares about the smallest of businesses, why not bring a group of micro business owners together for drinks and nibbles and share learning experiences, hints and tips to help each other?


Why not get involved with this #MicroBizMatters Day campaign by ensuring you give 12 to help another micro business owner? This could be by writing a blog post giving 12 hints or tips, pledging to buy 12 items from micro businesses in the next 6 months, spending 12 minutes promoting or supporting another micro business, following 12 new micro businesses on social media – the list is endless as long as you use the number 12 and tell people what you’ve done by sharing with the #MicroBizMatters Day team using #IGave12 or posting to our facebook page!

This year Launch Events NIchola Howard and founder of Blackpool Expo are supporting Micro Biz Matters day. Here’s Why ..