Health Innovation: the Challenges and the Opportunities - by Lancaster University Management School

Explore opportunities for your business in the health sector - Day 1: 12th September (9:00-16:00), Day 2: 26th September (09:00-15.30)

Millions of pounds are being invested to help UK businesses benefit from developing and providing products and services to help address the health, wellbeing and independence of our ageing population. Keeping us out of the healthcare system in the first place and doing better things once in that system presents challenges with opportunities for business.

As owner, manager or key decision maker in your business, we are pleased to invite you to our 2-day workshop.

Who is the workshop for?

LUMS want to hear from businesses from all sectors and areas of expertise including those not normally associated with health. You may already have a product or service which could lead to life changing consequences for users and deliverers of health. Or you may have a product or service which you think currently doesn’t fit the health market but want to know more. This workshop is ideal for all businesses looking to explore the health market.

What will the workshop cover?

You will learn to use a problem-solving process called “design thinking” which is focused on the end user and has been used to revolutionise entire industries and establish competitive advantage for business. You will also work alongside professionals from health, care and charitable organisations to better understand the complexities of the sector, its challenges and the opportunities.

Workshop benefits for business

  • Identify potential new products and services ideal for the health sector
  • Learn to solve complex challenges through the structured process of design thinking
  • Learn to use a new business tool to improve business performance
  • Work alongside health professionals to understand a changing and challenging sector

Additional Information

Delivered as part of the

Health Innovation Campus project, this workshop is fully-funded and available to European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligible businesses

in Lancashire.

Please note: Places are limited to only one representative per organisation and eligibility criteria applies. Criteria include businesses who are: based in Lancashire; with fewer than 250 full-time employees; an annual turnover less than 43 million; and received less than 200,000 of publicly funded support in the last 3 years.

You will be required to attend both days and following registration, you will be contacted by a member of the team to confirm your place and request further information from you (to meet funder requirements.)

If you have any questions, please contact